Carmen as a tourist

The second block of stories in the series, these are stories about Carmen exploring her new hometown. They’re a little less absurd than the work stories and should contain a lot of relatable touristy situations.

  • About Carmen’s work and her apartment: Another intermediary worksheet. I use these to keep a classroom component to the story. There are excerpts from the AnonCorp and New Spork City tourism websites, along with discussion/short answer questions.
  1. I live here now: Carmen walks home from her office and we can finally see a bit more of New Spork City. It all seems magical through her eyes, but not everything is great…
  2. Being a tourist: Carmen goes to the top of a landmark tower in New Spork City and eavesdrops on some tourists…
  3. The subway: The plan is to go and visit the harbor, but somehow Carmen didn’t realize that a subway line was closed. So, she decides to go somewhere else, instead.
  4. The library: It seems that Carmen is as bookish as the author. She decides to visit the city’s famous Central Library and she’s even allowed in where she should be.
  5. Carmen’s home: This story introduces a bit more about the house where Carmen lives, and about the strange community that lives with her.
  6. Henry’s birthday: Carmen is invited to the birthday celebration of a neighbor and learns more about the people she lives with.

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