The O’Malley family

Meet the family of seven that lives in the commune-like Big House on the top of the hill in New Spork City.

I try to make these the most ‘basic’ of my stories, sticking to day-to-day things and vocabulary. There is not much absurdity or especially colorful language. These are not quite as humorous — or absurd — as the stories covering Carmen’s work-life balance, which are a little more difficult to read.

In addition to the stories, vocabulary worksheets and other resources made with my EFL vocab worksheet generator are available. These are great if you’re reading on your own, or to pass out to students if you use the stories in class.

  1. Sunday Morning. Introducing the O’Malley family, this is the first story in a four-story arc that covers a single day. In this story, Patrick tries to let his wife sleep in when his kids are already awake.
  2. The Playground. After everyone has woken up in the last story, the family heads into the city to visit a playground and eat a picknick lunch. Worksheet oneanswer key.
  3. Dinner shopping. After the excursion to the park in the last story, the O’Malley’s are tired. In this story, we can see a very short conversation on the topic of what to make for dinner and the family goes shopping on the way home. Worksheet twoanswer key.
  4. The Barbecue. The last story that takes place on that Sunday, this story establishes that these stories begin at the same time as the Carmen stories. (I don’t know if that is important or not). Here, the O’Malleys come back from their dinner shopping and learn that the whole house where they live is barbecuing together.
  • Comprehension and vocab quiz. I give these stories as ‘voluntary homework,’ but use the short quizzes as a way to include them in class time and open up discussion. This includes questions about the reading, but also a quick vocab review.
  1. Monday morning. This story follows the first four, but it could be any Monday morning in any family in the world. Here, we can see the parents trying to get the family going. Worksheet threeanswer key.
  2. Off to school. This story is basically “Monday morning part two,” it’s the second half of the O’Malley family’s morning routine. It’s not as harmonious as the parents would like.
  3. After school drama. Patrick O’Malley volunteers to pick up the kids from school, but there is some drama when he can’t find the boys. They aren’t where he expects them to be. Worksheet fouranswer key.
  4. Waiting for the boys. After he couldn’t find the boys in the last story, Patrick decides to blame his wife for the miscommunication. Of course, he doesn’t stay angry as long I usually do. Worksheet fiveanswer key.
  5. Trouble at School. Melissa O’Malley is called into school because Ed ‘made bad choices,’ and now she feels like she is the one the school punishes.
  6. A Mother’s Frustration. The evening after she is called to the principal’s office, Melissa talks about her frustration with a neighbor.

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