The Outdoor Calendar

My 2019 goal is to learn — and talk to my students — more about the things that are happening in the woods around us. That’s why I’m starting here.

A lot of my students are in their late forties through their sixties and already enjoy the outdoors. My goal is to leverage that to get them reading more in English. So, to that end, I started researching and writing these texts.

This is a bit of an experiment for me because I’m writing these texts and also providing lesson plans. Feel free to just use the texts and make your own plan, or to use my lesson ideas with the texts.

The winter

  1. Day one: Introducing the idea, talking about the value of nature. The worksheet. My suggested lesson plan.
  2. Day two: Applying the benefits of being in the outdoors, and a text on what we can see outdoors in the winter. The worksheet. My suggested lesson plan.
  3. Day three: The symbolic meaning of some winter plants.

To be continued

That’s as much as is finished right now, but I have ideas for spring, summer and fall lessons.

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