Carmen’s Work-Life Balance

Carmen Kleinstadt is a small-town girl who moves to the big city for adventure. I write her stories partly so I can live vicariously through her, and partly because it’s fun to see the city through her eyes.

Her stories are a bit more difficult to read than the O’Malley family stories. Her stories deal with work and her ‘adventures’ in the big city. (Going to the library counts as an adventure in this series.)

  1. Carmen’s arrival in New Spork City. The first block of stories in the series, these cover… well, exactly what they promise to cover. These are the first block of strictly work stories.
  2. Carmen as a tourist. The second block of stories focuses more on Carmen’s private life. Because she is new in town, that means they cover her (mis)adventures exploring the city she now calls ‘home.’
  • Carmen00C: Where the series ends for now, this classroom handout includes information on the library that Carmen visited as well as her house. Who knew it had its own Wikipedia entry?


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